Chymera Media Works performs promotion services for musicians and websites at affordable prices.


We can provide custom graphics and logos for your CD's, T-Shirts, Myspace, Websites, Flash Animation, Banner Ads and Flyers. If you want to make a real splash with your presence on the web, in print or on your CD's. We can help.

Site Setup

We can provide Myspace and Website Setups, including the page layouts and navigation. Need a Message Board, Paypal or a Chat room install? Ask us about it.


We can help you get PAID for your music, by getting your songs registered with the U.S. Copyright Office, and forming a Publishing Company with ASCAP, BMI and SoundExchange to make sure that anytime your songs are played on Landbased or Internet Radio - You Will Receive a CHECK! Sweet.

Digital Distribution

We can help you get your songs Digitally Distributed for Downloads on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and Napster so that Millions of people all over the globe will have access to them. We can also get you registered and setup with CDBaby or other sites for physical sales of your CD.

Band Promotion

We can build your Myspace Network and give you access to THOUSANDS of new Fans. Just give us a profile of what type of fans you'd like to reach and we'll bring them to you. Want 1000 Friends? 2000 Friends? 5000? But not just any set of friends, friends who are specifically targeted to care about the music YOU MAKE. We can do it.